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What's New Bucs?

School's out for summer...School's out forever....

May 2021

For some of our Bitterroot Bucs, their academic journey's are over for now, and for some they are moving on to the next level.  Regardless of their plans, we want to wish them luck in the future and thank them for all they have given to us and this team we love so dearly. 


Congratulations boys!  You are truly loved by the Buc's community.  You will always have your fans here cheering you on in whatever you decide to do in life.  

We recently asked the boys families to send in pictures of their sons, what their plans after senior year were and what they were most proud of these young men for.  Enjoy!

Daniel Barthels #17

Dan plans to stay in the Bitterroot Valley for now, work for a local building contractor and save money.


Daniel is dedicated, driven and committed to his own personal goals.  He is fully invested in his family and always keeps us laughing.  He challenges our perspectives and makes us give a good answer for why we believe something and there's always another good "what if" question to make us think a little harder.  We love you Daniel!  Congratulations on your graduation! 

Kellen Bradt #13

Kellen is planning to attend MSU in the fall and pursue a career in aviation to become a commercial airline pilot.  


Kellen, There is no one thing to be most proud of, there's a lifetime of proud moments.  Thanks for being kind, dedicated, funny, smart and your own individual.  

Joey Cartwright #10


Joey Cartwright plans to attend the U of M.  He has always been fully dedicated to his studies throughout his education.  His parents have encouraged him to do the best of his ability which he has successfully accomplished.   

Apart from that, Joey is also a great athlete and a talented musician, singer and songwriter.  He is intelligent, funny and extremely handsome!

The most mischievous thing "little Joey" ever did was at 3 years old, when we went on a trip to CA and he decided to paint his grandmother's cat.  

Most importantly, Joey is considerate, kind, loving, and respectful.   He's an amazing son and we are so proud of him.  

Zack Christopherson #2

Zack plans to work in Excavation.  

I am most proud of his independence, compassion for his friends, family and his patriotism!  #SkoBucs!  

Treven Mertins #11

Some people wait their whole life to meet their favorite players, we raised ours!  Treven has loved baseball his entire life and plans to play college ball. 


We are so very proud of you, Treven, for the young man you have become.  And know you will always have your biggest fans watching you!!  We love you big bunches "Poppy Bear",  Mom and Dad  

Jesse Sage #1

Jesse has already made his big plans for after high school, he has enlisted in the Air Force.


I am proud of Jesse because he is thoughtful, kind and patient. 


Be Proud, Be Appreciative, Be Brave, Be Smart, Be Forgiving, Be Daring, Be Inspiring, Be Apologetic, Be Gracious, Be Bold, Be Honest, Be Humble, Be Real, most importantly Be YOU!   The World is a better place with you in it.  Always look back and thank those who have helped you along the way.  Do your best to do the same for others. Congratulations Bucs!

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