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Turn it UP!

June 2021

We would like to extend a special thank you to Steve Sage and family for their generous contributions to the Bucs program!  The Bucs received a grant from the Stephen Sage Fund of $2500 through his work at Hilcorp and the Alaska Community Foundation for the purpose of a new sound system and field improvements for the Bitterroot Bucs baseball field. 


Steve has poured countless hours and sweat into various field projects, including continued work on our batting cages.  Steve's job takes him out of town for weeks on end so for him to dedicate so much time to our program means so much.  


The Sages have been a part of the Bucs family since 2013.  Their oldest son, Chance, played from 2013-2015.  Their youngest son, Jesse, is currently on his 5th year as a full time Buc with an extra year before that playing fall ball.  Jesse's strong work ethic is shown by his staying late to make sure things get put away and his availability when extra hands are needed. 


Wife and mom, Becki, served on the Board as Secretary, has fed our boys throughout the years at home and away, and is often present manning one of our admission gates.  Becki also makes some of the best homemade pies around.  Look for them at Dining on the Diamond and get ready to bid high if you even want a chance at taking one of these sweet treats home with you.  


The Sage Family has been outstanding in their contributions to the Bucs over the years.  Please take the time to thank Steve or Becki when you see them, and remember that we can actually hear the game now because of them.

We'd also like to recognize and thank Warren Nogle, Matt Barthels, Chaz Seccomb and Ryan Bradshaw for their input and assistance in helping to get the new sound system set up.  We truly couldn't have done it without everybody involved.  

The Sage Family

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